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Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Posted on November 24, 2014 by Jann Wong | 0 comments

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to celebrate the joy with some bubbly! Before you start pulling your hair about what to get him, we are going to help you get on his GOODY list this year by giving you a list of amazing Christmas gifts for your man!

Here are the top 10 Christmas gift ideas for men.

For the Oenophiles:

The luxurious champagne, Dom Pérignon.

Dom Pérignon is a champagne whose reputation knows no equal. As one of LVMH’s flagship champagne brands, you know that you are getting premium vintage wine. But to truly understand the uniqueness of the wine is to know its origins. Every bottle of Dom Pérignon is made from the best grapes grown in the best years of harvest, and put into its iconic bottle to be aged for a minimum of 7 years. Its expensive and extravagant taste is surely to leave him bubbly all-throughout Christmas Eve night.

Order your Dom Pérignon (Standard 750ml with a gift box) here.


His very own Wine Cellar.

Because nothing says class like owning your own wine cellar. Every guy secretly fantasizes about owning his own vineyard and wine cellar. Vintec wine cabinets are the best in town, combining state of the art wine preservation technology and interior design to integrate it seamlessly into your living space. “Hey guys, I’ll just grab another bottle from the cellar”. Besides, he’s going to need somewhere to age that Dom Pérignon.


For the Rustic Drinkers:

Japanese whisky

Whiskey, like a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. Recently, named the best in the world (beating the Scottish whisky for the first time) - Suntory’s Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013, is hailed by whisky expert Jim Murray as a “near indescribable genius”. Murray then went on to praise its “nose of exquisite boldness” and “light, teasing spice”. With a limited 18,000 bottles produced, this award-winning malt is available at specialty stores or online, going for about US$160 each. Pricey, but he’s going to appreciate you for this one!


For the music lover:

A portable Turntable

Calling all audiophiles! The modern resurgence of turntables and vinyls is a testimony to their superior sounds compared to the digital recorders of today. The Executive Portable USB Turntable allows him to convert his all-time favourite vinyls into digital files. He’s definitely going to want to TURN something on right after you give him this.


A Spotify subscription

Okay, so Taylor Swift’s love story with Spotify didn’t really work out but unless your man has a crush on her, it’s no reason to not get the latest hype in the world of digital music. So why pay for a premium subscription when you can listen for free? Just ask the 50 million active users on Spotify! No ads, listen to Spotify on your mobile device, higher-quality audio, pre-released access to new albums and singles, competitions for free concert tickets, store playlists offline, travel access to music - need I go on? Discover new jingles with your man here.


For the sports enthusiast:

Fitbit Wearable Devices – that tell you how hard to push.

Accessorize your man with the latest Wearable. Fitbit is a wearable device that tracks every part of his day - from activities, exercise, food, weight and sleep to help him reach his fitness goals. Fitbit enables him to monitor his progress online and sync with mobile tools that show his performance charts and graphs on the device.

Get matching wearables here and start working-off the holiday calories you’re about to put on!


Freeletics Body Workout plan

Need something more intense? Try Freeletics body weight workout plan. If your man likes hitting the gym (or wants to), then this is the ideal        gift for him! Freeletics is an online fitness regimen that gives him access to coaches, individual training plans and high-intensity workout regimes. With an online global community of more than 2 million users and Free(letics) athletes, Freeletics helps him connect with people that can help motivate, inspire and give advices to help him build his fitness lifestyle. Sign up for free and get workout tips or subscribe to get premium training and nutrition plans that are individually adapted for him.

Help him register here.


For the Fast & Furious fan:

Ultimate Drive

Let your man experience the thrill of driving a Lamborghini or be driven in one by an experienced professional driver! The STREET CIRCUIT TOUR allows him to get his adrenaline pumping on the F1 circuit for 15 fantastic minutes, while the STREET TO FREEWAY TOUR allows him to warm up on the tracks and cruise on the ECP freeway for a flying half-an-hour. If your man’s a hardcore gearhead, you can opt for the ULTIMATE TOUR that provides one hour of high-speed performance driving on both the circuit and the freeway. Of course, if he gets tired of the Gallardo, he can always swap to the Ferrari F430 F1 Spider (if you get pair tours). Curb his need for speed from just S$215 here. This definitely beats the old sleigh ride.

For the techies:

The iPhone 6

Nothing says “Merry Christmas honey!” like getting an iPhone for Christmas. No description needed and definitely no Silent Night tonight. 


Pebble Smart Watch

From smartphones to smart watches, the Pebble Smart Watch puts traditional watches to shame allowing him to check call, texts and email notifications at a glance without taking out his phone. It also comes with a music control and a pace tracker function to make those evening jogs a little more interesting. The Pebble Smart Watch comes in two slick finishes; brushed stainless and matte black for only S$199 here. He’ll never miss a call from you ever again!




Here you go, the top 10 best Christmas gift for men. What's your favorite here?


Stay tuned to our next post on top 10 best Christmas gift ideas for the ladies!

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